Monday, March 28, 2016

New Running Goals

Post my previous blog about my running success, I have made some running commitments!! As in I am taking part in some organised runs. First of all I started rather small by signing up for a 10k run around Westonbirt Arboretum on the 24th May. I can already run 10k fine so thought that I could handle that easy...

But then I got thinking... If I can already run 10k then  where is the challenge? It will be hillier than I am used to but even still, there't not a lot of challenge in that is there. I am also trying to raise some money for a lovely charity called 4Louis who donate memory boxes to hospitals to give to bereaved parents. No one is really sponsoring me yet so I thought I should up my game and push myself a bit more.

Therefore I have now signed up for the South Coast Run; a half marathon!!!! 13.1 miles..... WHAT?! It's okay though, it isn't until the 10th July so I have over 3 months to train. To be honest, I am not that worried about it either, It goes along the seafront right where my dad lives, its beautiful and nice and flat so hopefully will be enjoyable for my first. I was looking at doing the Bristol Half but it is on while we are in America in September., I know what I would rather do!

I have been looking at training plans. I know I should follow one but they are all consisted of short 3-5 mile runs then 1 slightly longer one a week. I just want to run it all straight away! I think I am asking for trouble...

Before we went Skiing I ran a decent 6.4 miles and pace and felt pretty good after.

Compared to my last it is very similar but something I can improve on none the less. Went for another run yesterday, and certainly to begin with things were looking on par (I did have a weeks holiday in between where I ate anything and everything!).

But then I hit a MASSIVE wall. from about 4.5 miles the wind was by biggest killer, but I still managed to keep the pace, I then went the wrong way which committed me to running further than the 8 miles planned. On my 6th mile I got a massive stitch which then basically crippled me for the rest of my run. That with the wind and I may as well have given up. But I was determined. Stupid really as I didn't prepare myself before running properly either. The rain was meant to be coming so when it was dry I rushed to get out, having only eaten a banana and drank a cup of coffee. Too soon to leaving.

I need to look more into the preparation before a run. I think If I am going to successfully run further I need to do more to manage it. If anyone has any tips then please let me know!!!!